2011-07-16 Taipei Trip – Michelle’s Wedding

Posted by Ava Stewart on Thursday Jul 21, 2011 Under News 好消息

My best friend was getting married,so Christina and I took Hight Speed Rail Way to Taipei after work.

On the train Christina said she’d like to take some pictures with me. But as you can see from the photos my face was slowly blocked by Christina face.




Fancy and arty ceiling in the restaurant.


Sweet couple.


Toasting  the couple.


Beautiful dress change


Annie, Michelle and me, next time I’ll move two steps back, so my face will look as small as both of theirs, haha


It was nice to meet and chat with Annie at the wedding.


2 Responses to “2011-07-16 Taipei Trip – Michelle’s Wedding”

  1. Alida Viljoen Says:

    I went to Tiffany s wedding last year, o and what a experience that was. I enjoyed every minute of it. You really have lovely children. I am also teaching but my class have only black learners, and it is  not the easiest task to do.  

  2. Michelle Says:

    thank you for coming, my dear sis!!!
    i was super happy to see you show up in the wedding party.
    Love ya!!!