IMG_5815 Moon Festival 

I was digging around in my stuff, trying to bring order to the chaos that comes from being in constant state of making new props and teaching things, and I found this old set of character for the Moon Festival story.

I laughed as I remarked to my husband that I really had so much time on my hands before we were married and before we had children. Every character has been created for different colored pieces of paper, so for example the hat is cut out from a piece of one color, the hand from another piece.

So rarely do I find the time to put that much detail into my new creations, but my newer stuff builds on what I learned before. Now I put more mental thought and creative ideas going into everything, rather than just a lot of time. Because time is not a luxury a lot of people have.

One Response to “Chinese Moon Festival Character Set”

  1. Karin Says:

    Ava, I so admire you, you are such a dedicated teacher and it is very clear how much effort you put into your preparation. I think your students are very lucky to have you. You’re a star!