In Christina’s shoes

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Christopher loves to wear other people’s shoes. Here are the videos and photos of him wearing Christina’s shoes.

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Playing Badminton

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Christina and Christopher on the Playground

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Christina and Christopher playing on jungle gym at Christina’s school.

Christina recently changed to a new school. She was at her old school for two years, but her old teacher was changed, so we moved her to this school that is slightly closer to home and she has a new teacher with a very different style.

Initially we were worried because this school has around 25 kids per class with a teacher and assistant, while the old school had less than 15 per class and a single teacher. We were worried that she wouldn’t get enough attention in the new school.

Well there was no need to worry and she has been getting on fantastically. The new teacher gives her plenty of room to make decisions for herself and gives Christina time to calm down when she gets frustrated.

She has been very peaceful about going home after school and started to express herself very well, pretty clearly telling us what she likes and needs. On this particular day she wanted to play on the play apparatus with Christopher.

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我們家的第四位成員-Christopher,目前10個月大,個性相當隨和,略又自然捲,以下髮型是由爸爸幫他精心設計後所拍攝的,我們家弟弟果然是潮男,因該可以一舉拿下木村拓哉的髮蠟代言喔!IMG_1404 IMG_1402 IMG_1401

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