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Posted by Ava Stewart on Monday Mar 29, 2010 Under News 好消息

今天我們完成教室的佈置了! 我將佈置的主題設為薰衣草田,這一段日子以來,因為在家帶兩個小孩並沒有太多機會到戶外走走,心裡總是想找一個寬廣的田野坐一個下午,讓頭腦和身體都能好好地放空.希望我的佈置讓來到故事屋的您能有這樣的感受喔!

The decoration of the story house is done. It’s based on lavender. As a full time housewife plus a mother of two kids I’ve always wanted to find a endless field where I can just sit and do nothing. I hope the place I design can give people that same feeling that I dream of.

Corner with tree and lavender Lavender Birds, tree and lavender Tree & Lavender 

Christina 跟著我們到故事屋工作,當我們在忙的時候,她總是會自己找事做,例如:對著玻璃門跳舞, 剪紙…一個晚上下來她也累了!

Christina came along while we were decorating the room and was able to entertain herself for a whole hour. That’s why she looks quite exhausted in most of the pictures.

Christina and lavender Christina, wall, lavender and tree Christina, tree and lavender Christina and Lavender 


Finally we finished, so we headed home. We managed to get one final shot of me and the birds together.

Ava, birds and tree

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