My Top 5 Taiwanese songs

Posted by Ava Stewart on Wednesday Sep 22, 2010 Under Feelings 愛娃心聲, Uncategorized

I like music style, it’s actually Japanese tune with Taiwanese lyrics.

The lyrics are about a girl who left her hometown to go to a big city and look for a job…the song is quite old, so the way the describe is interesting.

The song has basically describing someone who left hometown, at certain time that he ‘d miss his pas, views is from his homtown and mother even more.

This song is not as old as the other four, the singer has a very unique voice and style, her songs are often used in the Taiwanese  tradition puppet shows, as the link below:

The singer is a very famous Taiwanese singer, she sang with Placido Domingo when he came to Taiwan. I love her songs since I was about six. Her voice is always so beautiful.

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