Do You Want to Be My Friend

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Do you want to be my friend By Eric Carle

以小老鼠為主角,整本故事只以”Do you want to be my friend” 一句話串起整個故事,每以頁都是由各種動物的尾巴帶入,讓小朋友由不同的細節來認識及注意各種動物的特色,故事中同時也埋藏了一些小伏筆,讓小朋友能夠增進觀察及推理能力.


IMG_1829 IMG_1830 

2. Catch the Lion. 以毛根和不織布做成獅子的尾巴後加上鬆緊帶讓小朋友帶到腰部,再由另一位小朋友扮演抓獅子的一方.相當簡單又有趣的遊戲.


3.由小朋友自製的Lion Mask,小朋友都相當喜愛,高興著帶在臉上回家!IMG_1819

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Fast and Slow with the Lollipop Drum

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Twister Fun

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Twister: The classic game is played on a mat with lots of dots of different colors. Players spin a wheel to choose a body part and a color. The player then has to put that body part on a dot of the right color to stay in the game. The version of twister that I have is a set of extra large dots, instead of the typical mat.

Twister with a twist:
1. Place the big colored dots on the flashcards
2. Call out a body part and a flashcard
3. Kid has to place that body part on the right dot.

With this version the teacher can just call out the flashcard and body part according to how easy or hard the game is for the students.

 IMG_8671 IMG_8677


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We were practicing phonics, I like to make my phonics class  a little more exciting . In this game, instead of just chanting the sound of the letter and a single word, I add a silly sentence to the end. The silly sentence includes an actoin that kids can do. Once they’ve finished reading the sentence and doing the actions they try to be the first to hit the whiteboard.

Here are the little film of kids reading and two of my top students, Willy and Ricky, doing the demonstration.

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The very busy spider

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以黑紗來讓小朋友體會"dark” and “bright”的不同,白天與黑夜的感覺


搭配歌曲:The  Eensy Weensy Spider




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