Sticky ball 真是老師的好幫手, 每次使用時都加上一點小小的變化(再多寫幾篇關於Sticky ball的遊戲,都可以出Sticky ball特輯囉 :D),就可以讓小朋友充滿興趣和新鮮感,看著孩子們快樂學英文真的很棒耶~

  1. 今天我們先把新字母和單字討論,練習後寫在白板
  2. 小朋有兩人一組競賽
  3. 競賽規則:拿蒼蠅拍推黏黏球,邊念指定字母和單字,先到達白板者獲勝

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Fold-out Letter Cards

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I bought this set of letter cards because they are so unique.

I’ve shown the letter K, but I have the whole alphabet. This set gives kids the chance to find get a lot of new words that for each new letter.

Folding Alphabet Cards

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We were practicing phonics, I like to make my phonics class  a little more exciting . In this game, instead of just chanting the sound of the letter and a single word, I add a silly sentence to the end. The silly sentence includes an actoin that kids can do. Once they’ve finished reading the sentence and doing the actions they try to be the first to hit the whiteboard.

Here are the little film of kids reading and two of my top students, Willy and Ricky, doing the demonstration.

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Fun with Phonics-2008/8

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